Primary Care from Teens to Seniors - Inpatient & Outpatient Care


Whether you require a regular physical exam or immediate medical attention, we can accommodate your needs.

Our clinic offers same-day sick visits and language translation services (Chinese, Korean and Spanish).

Please click on a service below for more details.

1. Internal Medicine Exams & Treatments
2. Comprehensive Physical
3. In-Office Biopsy & Cryo-Surgery
4. In-Office Diagnostic Modalities
5. Travel Medicine
6. In-Patient / Office Consults & Referrals for Specialty Consults
7. Directly Administered Injectable Medications
8. Men's Health
9. Women's Health
10. Weight Management
11. Tobacco Cessation

1. Internal Medicine Exams & Treatments For:

2. Comprehensive Physicals Include:

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3. In-Office Biopsy & Cryo Surgery for:

4. In-Office Diagnostic Modalities Include:

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5.Preventive Care:

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7. Routine procedures Include:

8. Men's Health Program

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9. Women's Health Program

10. Weight Management

11. Tobacco Cessation

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