Primary Care from Teens to Seniors - Inpatient & Outpatient Care


You have private safe access to PATIENT PORTAL to check your labs and report. A valid email address will be needed. Login and password will be provided by front office to enhance security. If you forget the login information, you also can request to reset.


Prescription Refills

To refill a prescription:

  1. Call your pharmacy to use e-prescription or fax (214-618-9716) for the refill.
  2. Allow at least 48 hours for prescription refills.
  3. If you have a problem filling a prescription, send an email to or call the clinic (214-618-9715). When you contact us for the refill, please provide us the following information.
      • Name and date of birth
      • Prescription name
      • Your pharmacy number
      • Dosage, strength (mg) of your medication and quantity needed

For patients on long-term medications (prescriptions), the refill policy require patients must be seen at least once a year to assure the best care.

Lab Results

Our office will call if lab result is abnormal and require further management..

All lab reports can be viewed at PATIENT PORTAL

Also email ( or call (214-618-9715 ext 2)for results.

Please do not assume that your lab results are normal unless you confirm the result with us.?